Broadcasting hardware simplified!

DecklinkSDK.Net SP Package

Displaying a single image frame or multiple frames at a specific frame rate via a Blackmagic® card is extremely easy and effortless using our SP package.
It provides you with StillSource Filter and PushSource Filter capabilities at a single function call. It also extends the capabilities of the both filters to enable
Internal Keying or External Keying.

This way, you can overlay the 32-bit image frame over the incoming video feed. This feature can be extended to go beyond creating image frames, but
also overlaying 32-bit video files over the incoming feed.
DecklinkSDK.Net enables you to:

  • Configure multi-cards on your machine
  • Control keying settings and modes 
  • Get card features and capabilities. 
  • Push image frames to hardware. 
  • Push image frames at a specific Frames Per Second.
  • Control card input/output & much more... 


  • Closed caption applications.
  • Water marking demos or live feed. 
  • Inserting live graphics over video feed.

Example Code

The below sample c# code demonstrates displaying a running clock over the main feed of a Decklink® card.

//Get first available Blackmagic Card.

DecklinkCard aCard = BMDevice.GetAvailableDevices()[0];
DecklinkStillSource  StillSource = newDecklinkStillSource(aCard);

//Create a new empty bitmap and send it to decklink

BitmapaFrame =newBitmap(PalWidth, PalHeight, PixelFormat.Format32bppArgb);


StillSource.Start(aFrame, PreviewLabel);


Graphicsg = Graphics.FromImage(aFrame);




    //generate image containing new time.


    g.DrawString(DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString(), aFont,Brushes.Yellow, 50, 50);

    //send it to decklink.



    Thread.Sleep(1000);//wait one second