Broadcasting hardware simplified!

DecklinkSDK.Net Full Package

If you want to fully utilize your Blackmagic® card by capturing, playing back video or pushing image frames directly through the card;
our Full package provides all that. 

The Full package is the combination of both SP and CP packages. 
For detailed information, please check out the individual packages on our site.

Full package of DecklinkSDK.Net enables you to:

  • Configure multi-cards on your machine.
  • Control keying settings and modes.
  • Get card features and capabilities.
  • Control card input/output.
  • Push image frames to hardware.
  • Push image frames at a specific Frames Per Second.
  • Playback standard video formats.
  • Frame seeking capabilities.
  • Adjustable playback rate.
  • Capturing video in Uncompressed, AVI, MJPEG2 and WMV (supports profiles) formats.