Broadcasting hardware simplified!

DecklinkSDK.Net CP Package

Do you want to playback a movie through your Decklink® card? would you want to watermark your movies before sending them out to clients?
Our CP package enables you to do that and much more...! 

The CP package enables you play any movies supported by Blackmagic® or has the appropriate video decoder installed on your system.
Not only this, but you can also super impose a 32-bit image over the video being played. Standard movie controls are included as well as the ability
to seek freely throughout the video duration. (if supported by the video format) 

Internal Keying or External Keying is also supported, this enables you to overlay the 32-bit image frame over the incoming video feed. This feature
can be extended to go beyond creating image frames, by also overlaying 32-bit video files over the incoming feed. 

DecklinkSDK.Net enables you to:

  • Configure multi cards on your machine.
  • Control keying settings and modes.
  • Get card features and capabilities.
  • Control card input/output.
  • Playback standard video formats.
  • Frame seeking capabilities.
  • Adjustable playback rate.
  • Capturing video in Uncompressed, AVI, MJPEG2 and WMV (supports profiles) formats.

Playback features

  • Playback movies on your DeckLink® card (preview window if needed too).
  • Overlay 32-bit image on video.
  • Control Playback rate/speed.
  • Reverse Playback (if supported by movie codec).
  • Overlay video using internal or external keyeing mode.
  • Seemless playback capabilities between multiple movies*
  • *feature available in the next release of DecklinkSDK.Net CP

    Capture features Capture features

    • Capture video & audio in uncompressed or compressed formats.
    • Capture from multiple cards and store in different locations at once.
    • Inserting live graphics over video feed.
    • Control capture preview.
    • Capture snapshots on the fly.


    • Playout/Playlist server.
    • Playout to Ingest editing software.
    • Capture server.

    Sample Code

    The below sample c# code demonstrates playing a video file and overlaying a TGA file on it.

    DecklinkCard aCard = BMDevice.GetAvailableDevices()[0];

    DecklinkPlayback playback =

                     new DecklinkPlayback(aCard, lblPreview);


    playback.FilePath = "sample.avi";

    playback.LoopPlayback = false;

    playback.EnableImageKeying = true;