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We offer three packages for you to choose from. You can find a brief description on each package below and for more information please follow the link of each respective package. 

The library contains easy to use classes to help you identify the card features that are available and use a specific card when there are more than one to use. 
It is also possible to set the different combinations and features of the card like enabling internal/external keying, specifying input, output connections...etc. 

The following features are common among the different packages available.
DecklinkSDK.Net enables you to: 

  • Configure multiple cards on your machine. 
  • Control keying settings and modes.
  • Identify card features and capabilities. 
  • Control card input/output & much more... 


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SP Package

\Whether you want to output a still image or a sequence of images at a certain frames per second, DecklinkSDK.Net SP is for you. The SP package implements both Still-Source and Push-Source filters for you, so that you can easily use them without worrying about the underlying complexity.

CP Package

Are you creating a playback system? do you want to capture video material using your Blackmagic® card? DecklinkSDK.Net CP is the right tool to have.

Full Package

The Full package of DecklinkSDK.Net contains both the SP & CP components, it is aimed for the developer that needs to utilize all aspects of the card by capturing, playback and sending image frames to the hardware for output.
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